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Our coffee is 100% Colombian

our Coffee reaches 84 score or higher in Q Graders scale

Colombia Coffee 100%


Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee is the one that through all it´s value chain done by several individuals is dedicatedly controlled and done with love and care, grown in micro climates, choosing best flavored beans that are also free of primary defects after doing two bean selection steps before processing them.
At Honesta Harvest our Coffee reaches 84 score or higher in Q Graders scale, estimating only 10% or less of all globally traded coffee may reach a specialty grade

Colombia Coffee

Why coffee from Colombia is considered the best in the world ?

Well, some say Colombia was blessed with just the right conditions to have the right alignment of conditions to have a great coffee bean.

First we need to understand the geographical condition of the country which is located on the equinoctial line and it’s crossed by three mountain ranges, having just many thermal altitudes, situation that offers an excellent climate with temperatures that never falls below freezing, perfect soils with the right amount of rainfall and with right amount of sunlight.

Colombia is one of the few countries with 100% Arabica coffee which is a high quality coffee with noble sensory notes, the quality has been controlled and followed by national federation to take care of the coffee tradition during decades and every single bean to be exported has to accomplish with minimum standards. Probable the most important reason is that every single coffee bean is picked up and selected by hand, not machine is used to pick up the beans.

So many years of growing the coffee the way is done in Colombia makes a great coffee cup to be with you at every time.

Bean of excellence

We choose bean by bean to bring you the best coffee

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Our Added Values

Colombian coffees have been internationally recognized for their high quality, heritage and love for coffee. Colombia has a 100% Arabica coffee, one of the highest qualities in the world, known for its elegant and noble notes. The preparation is unique because each country or region has its own particularities and traditional recipes. In Colombia all the beans are selected manually to guarantee the best quality.

Single Origin

We do not mix coffee from different origins. Our coffees are all ONE SINGLE ORIGIN.

Desired Final Bean

We grown, process, roast and pack the coffee in origin, having less actors involved in the value chain so we are able to control and reach the desired final bean

Our Target

Our target is always high scoring in Q Graders scale.


We focus on several special processes

Washed Process Coffee

This the most popular and used process for coffee beans and main advantage is the intrinsic flavor coming directly from the bean it self and it is done by removing all the fruit layers, skin and mucilague by several washing steps.

Semi Honey Process Coffee

This is an hybrid process between honey and washed. Only one wash run is done, having the best properties of washed and honey experience.

Honey Process Coffee

In this process the skin is removed before drying the bean but the mucilague is left for the drying step. After drying then all the left fruit layer is finally removed. The taste is very complex and fruity with nice sweetness and medium low acidity.

Natural Process Coffee

In this process the bean is dried without removing skin or mucilague, so the result is fruit and fermented flavors because the bean had more interaction with the natural sugars. This process need to be a very controlled process but the results usually give an explosion of notes and flavors.